Getting to Koro Island

  • International Airlines
    • Air Pacific ( is Fiji’s main airline and also operates Fiji’s domestic Airline, slightly less half of this airline is owned by Quantas ( Pacific Sun (AIRPACIFIC.COM ). You can get to Fiji from anywhere in the world these days, usually through the hubs of Los Angeles in the USA, Auckland (NZ), Sydney, Brisbane and now even Hong Kong. Fiji Airways usually runs a special from one country or the other, so if you time your travel right, you can save some money. As of June 2014, direct flights have been added to Suva also, greatly cutting down the time to get to Koro from these destinations.
    • Getting to Fiji

      Getting to Fiji

    • Getting From Nadi to Suva (or back)

    • The Bus – inexpensive, air-conditioned and reliable, there are two:
    • The regular bus – very inexpensive and a little on the rough side, especially when it rains –
    • Both the Sunbeam and Pacific bus lines have air-conditioned express lines that cost $13 and take 4 hours.  Extremely comfortable and reliable and both have at least 5 trips per day both ways. They go directly from the airport to the Suva bus depot and have enough room to store ALL your luggage.  Great view..etc.  the only way to travel.
    • Taxi – You can grab a regular taxi from the airport in Nadi to Suva but it will set you back about $300.00 one way.
    • Private Taxi operator – will pick you up from the airport and get you to Suva to catch your flight, or do transfers around Nadi. Good cars and friendly service, even has a mini bus for the larger group. Call ahead of time.
    • A reliable operator I have used many times for the Nadi-Suva ride is Immi’s taxi service ( 679-9225547)
    • Minibus – there are multiple minibus operators and they constantly offer rides between the two main towns. A ride is about F$20 and they are tight, hot and their driving often resembles NasCAR at its worst.
    • By Plane from Nadi and Suva to Koro
      • Nadi to Koro – if you want to fly, you will fly Pacific Sun ( ) from Nadi to Suva, and from there you can take Northern Air  – to Koro every Saturday. It’s a 7 Seater and you only get to bring 7kg of luggage. You can book tickets at their web site directly and get an e-ticket by email. Be at the airport at least 60 minutes ahead of time.
    • Getting to Koro Island

      To fly from Suva to Koro Island, please contact – the plane flies every Saturday at 10.30AM and returns from Koro at 12 noon to Suva.
      If you would like to use the ferry, please contact Patterson Shipping for tickets. The ferry leaves Suva Wednesday at 11AM from Natovi jetty (or, if you do not have transportation, you can take a bus from the bus depot in Suva at 9AM that will take you to Natovi) at 5PM and arrives at 4PM on Koro Island. It leaves back to Suva on Wednesday at around 6AM, getting back into Suva about 11AM. Passages are available from F$60.

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