Koro History

Koro Seaview Estates exits on 450 acres of freehold land on the North-western tip of the Island of Koro. Adjacent to it is another 180 acres known as Tulani, also known as Koro Beach Resort. Koro Beach resort is leased by TDC, and open to use by Koro Seaview Estates owners.

The original purchase of the freehold property took place back in 1998, after which the development of the roads and Dere Bay Resort began. Interested buyers began looking shortly after that, and  arrived firstly from Australia and New Zealand, later from the United States as well as many other countries. Koro Beach resort was added in 2005-2006 to provide for additional accommodation. Internet came to Koro first by microwave tower, then by Satellite and as of 2014 we are expecting 3G Internet. Out of all Koro Seaview Estates residents no one has a satellite TV, if that is any indication how we feel about TV.

Dere Bay Opening Ceremony k

In 2002 Koro Island was home to the filming of the Reality TV show “Under one Roof” which flopped spectacularly after the first few episodes of being aired in the United States. All episodes are now available on YouTube. Koro was also the back drop for the most watched episode of “International House Hunters”, which was filmed in 2008 and aired in 2009 worldwide.  As of 2013 Koro Seview Estates has about 70 dwellings, from cottages to larger homes, and a good mix of part and full-time residents throughout the year.

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