Land Ownership

We are a diverse group of individuals from more than 20 countries that have made Koro Island our home, with the majority of owners coming from Australia, New Zealand and the United States. For some it is a full time home, for others a home away from home. However different we may be as individuals, we share the joy of living with the  beautiful nature, abundant marine and wildlife and wonderful local neighbors who show us that simplicity, sharing and caring for one another are the very fabric of any community.

Under the WIFI tree

Under the WIFI tree

Land Ownership: Everyone living on Koro is also a landowner of their own respective property. All lots are freehold (you own the land outright, it is not a lease) and vary in sizes from 1/2 acre to several acres. We share as public spaces Dere Bay Resort, Koro Beach Resort and the beachfront of the Bay.We welcome all those interested to come and visit Koro Island, all we ask is that you bring a deep respect for the environment, a love for the ocean and the Fijian culture, and that you are able to enjoy island time. We also ask that owners do not cut trees unless absolutely necessary and only when building on your property begins. For each tree taken down several new ones should be planted to avoid deforestation and erosion, and to provide food, shade and bird habitat. 

Land and Home Sales and Koro Island Marketing

Phone: Fiji (679)9928111

Additional toll-free numbers- These numbers connect via the web  

UNITED STATES:    DIAL 1-888-254-3454
AUSTRALIA :          DIAL 1800144540
NEW ZEALAND:     DIAL 0800449918

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